full name OMARIA BALEWA real identity MARI JIWE MCCABE / VIXEN birth date + age october 12th 1977 + 37 occupation vertinarian hometown Johannesburg, Gauteng currently resides boston, massachusetts marital status + sexuality single, kinsey 3
» Young Gunny Segeant Stuart Louis always looked forward to his summers in Newport for one good reason. A girl. Ever since he was little, Stuart fell in love with one of the most beautiful girls and Newport's socialite darling, Elaine Montgomery. The two of them came from different backgrounds and opinions on everything, but they managed to hang out and have fun on the beaches. Things changd dramatically, when Stuart was drafted into the U.S Arm in 1972 and was shipped off to preprare for the Vietnam war. The two star-crossed lovers promised each other that they would get together once the war was over. They quickly eloped in 1975, once the war ended. Stuart decided to continue his military career. The young newlywed couple moved from Newport, Rhode Island up to Massachsuetts, where Stuart was stationed at. The idea of having children was on their minds, but Elaine wasn't ready to start a family until they were on the same page about raising a family in the military. The honeymoon bliss came to an end, when they found out they were pregnant. On a snowy February day in 1979, a healthy little girl came into their world. They named her Lauren Josephina Louis.

» Lauren was a lively and intelligent little girl. She was the perfect combination of her parents. While she gained her mother’s natural beauty and witty sense of humor, Lauren was very much like her father. There was a fearless spirit within Lauren and she had the thirst of learning, always solving any challenge that came her way, and analyzing it from different perspectives. Her early childhood memories were filled with multiple trips to museums and national parks, meeting fellow military brats, and learning new cultures. Due to Stuart’s military career, Lauren had to adjust to moving to different countries and learning to live out of boxes.

» Through the rest of Lauren's early childhood, the Louis family lived in six different countries and experienced new lifestyles. Her parents decided that it was time for their children to settle down and experience a life outside of the military. While the rest of the family settled back home in Lexington, Lauren's father continued on with his military career and traveled three quarter of the time. The absense of her father made Lauren upset. She began corresponding with her father through letters. It was the beginning of Lauren's love affair with writing. She started sending her father short stories that she had written. Her father approved of her writings and convinced her to take part in writing contest within the school district.

» From 2006 - 2012, Lauren was given a job as a war correspondent and journalist for CNN. She did brief segments for the network for three years, while gaining intelligence for the CIA as a non-official cover. The double work ca used Lauren to fall out of touch with her family for long periods of time, but they knew to some degree how difficult her career was. There were several times where she went deep undercover to extract several important information of mass weaponery over enemy lines. She enjoyed the taste of danger and doing good to save her country.

» Lauren’s life drastically changed when a simple task mission went wrong in Budapest in November 2012. Lauren and her partner, at the time, were suppose gain information from one of their trusted handlers. Unfortunately for Lauren, the handler went rogue and turned against several of the agencies. Lauren, unable to react quickly to the sudden change, was beaten, tortured, and sexual assaulted by the handler and his men. Even though her partner was able to rescue her and capture the men that abused her, the trauma lefted Lauren damanged. Her faith as an CIA agent went down the drain and in January 2013, Lauren retired from the CIA and moved back to home.

» The transition from field operative to civilian life was brutally hard for Lauren to cope with. With the traumatic events of her assault and feeling worthless after retiring from the CIA, Lauren fell into a deep depression for several months. During this time, Lauren turned to writing as her way with coping with all the sudden changes in her life.
HERITAGE:Vixen was raised in ancient Africa, Omaria was raised in South Africa. ANIMAL LOVE: Vixen can tap into an animal's power to use their strength, speed, etc. Omaria is a veterinarian with an acute awareness of what her patients need. MODELING: Both Vixen and Omaria have been successful models. RAZOR-SHARP CLAWS: While Vixen has literal claws, Omaria never leaves the house without nails meticulously manicured to imitate claw nails. FAMILY: Both Omaria and Vixen have no real family to speak of. Omaria's father died in South Africa, her mother in the US- Vixen's mother and father are also both dead. ANGER MANAGEMENT: While Vixen often accidentally draws instinctive rage from the animals she retrieves her powers from, Omaria is known to fall into fits of anger that are largely unexplainable. She has, begrudingly, begun to see a therapist over rage outbursts. ALL ABOUT THE BOYS: While Omaria's first need is to help victims both human and animal, she, like Vixen, always has an eye out for her next catch.
» Does some freelance writing on the side for a paid hobby. While she is not an active war correspondent, Lauren has written pieces about her opinions on the ongoing war in the Middle East for several publications.

» Her favorite taste in music is rock. She loves bands from the 60s to 80s - she’s definitely fan of those glam metal (Motley Crue, Poison, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister).

» While recovering in 2013, Lauren began writing both non-fiction and fiction novels under the pen name L.L Kirkpatrick. She released her first book at the end of December 2013 and gained acclaimed for her great fiction novel, which was on the best seller list for weeks. The only thing that Lauren doesn't do are public appearances or book tours due her own safety. She will let it happen eventually, but she's not comfortable yet to meet people face to face.

» She became a war correspondent after learning about Helen Kirkpatrick. She fell in love with her and wanted to be just like her at a young age. To this day, Lauren still considered Kirkpatrick one of her heroes.

» In addition to English, Lauren is also fluent in French, Italian, Hungarian, Luxembourgish, and a little bit of Russian.

» She's very close with her father. They are often two peas in a pod.

» Graduated from Brown University with a duel degree in Journalism and International Studies. She obtained a Master's degree at Georgetown University in Public Affairs.

» While waiting for her CIA acceptance, Lauren was as waitress and doing an internship at the U.S Department of State.

» Tries to cook, but it often fails. She's the queen of take out.

» Is a very proud Army/Military brat.

» She has a scar wound between her breast from her torture she endured. It's a haunting reminding of her CIA days.

» Has a deep love and appreciation for classic films.

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